Turning obstacles into motivators

12WBT warm up task 3 comes in. I get excited now! Michelle wants me to do 30km this week. She doesn’t mind how – walk, run, cycle, swim (anything except drive). My immediate reaction is panic. 30km?!?!? That’s like walking from here to Mum and Dad’s farm (which I’ve often contemplated -might put that on the to do list).

Then the barriers start appearing. Can’t swim – the pool closes over autumn/winter. Can’t run – my back isn’t up to it yet. Can’t cycle – don’t have a bike. Can’t do it outside – still scared after graft due to skin cancer removal. Blah blah blah.

Then I think JFDI!!! So, off to the gym that evening and pound out 5km on the treadmill. Took about an hour. Next morning during usual routine, add 2.5km on cross trainer and another 0.6km on treadmill. Back that evening and do 2.5km on treadmill and another 5km on the bike. Would you look at that – I’m halfway in two days!!!!!

Nothing else to do on the treadmill but think & convince yourself that there is no excuse, barriers shouldn’t stop you, they should just force you to be more creative about the solution. By the end of the first couple of km’s I had decided I would do whatever it takes to do that 30km, even if it meant I had to bloody crawl!

Now that I’m halfway through, I’m already thinking I could aim for 60km next week…

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1 Response to Turning obstacles into motivators

  1. Project:Girl says:

    Good on you! When I got that challenge I felt the same way. No way I can do that … but 4 days in I managed 23.1km in 3 days, taking a break today as I could barely move, and back at it tomorrow. We can do it…like you said, even if we have to crawl! Good luck!

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