I’m so far back on the wagon I’m stomping it into the ground so it doesn’t go anywhere

I know, I know.  Completely slack.  Not only with writing anything here but also getting off my butt.  That is, until I ran into a friend who had started going to a new gym and offered to babysit me for my first few visits.  Six months later I’m still going, usually a min of 8 times a week.

But, for the first few months I just wasn’t seeing any results.  So, I had a friend who is a highly qualified personal trainer (ie she has tertiary quals) write me some programs.  Boy, did that get the heart pumping!

Add to that a visit to a dietician and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m getting results.  Not just on the scales as they are usually the last thing that move for me, but just measurements in general.  As well as general wellbeing, energy levels and overall happiness.

A friend asked me recently what I did to get my focus back and of course if I knew that I’d be a millionaire.  I always knew that I just had to keep plugging away and eventually it would just click for me.  I’m very much a routine person, in fact I thrive on routine.  So I have to make something a routine before I feel comfortable with it.  However, it’s only been quite recently that I’ve overcome the fear of walking into the gym at a time other than my usual.  But that will be in my next blog…

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