How do I get back on the wagon?

So, I’m still struggling to find that, not so much light bulb as kick up the butt moment to get moving.  I’ve been thinking about how fantastic I felt one particular night out a few years ago.  I’d lost about 20kgs and it was Australia Day at a local pub with lots of people I hadn’t seen in years and I just felt great.  Didn’t matter what people thought of me, I felt great in myself.  Why isn’t that enough motivation?

I sometimes think I’m overwhelmed by how much weight I need to lose.  I know everything I read says think of one day at a time and get back on track after each set back rather than waiting to restart a week later.  But I can’t even seem to get one foot on the proverbial wagon.

I’ve made a list of things I can do, like finding walking buddies etc but am yet to achieve anything.  And I know I’ll feel good once I get moving and it will all snowball etc.  Here’s hoping something changes soon.

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