Introductory Random Thoughts

Is there a point?  To this blog that it.  Bit early to be contemplating the bigger questions.  I guess there’s a few reasons:

1.  I’m on yet another weight loss journey but hoping that this one will not only work but stick.  This blog is a way to help me remain accountable (mainly to myself).

2.  I have thoughts about weight issues that I think people can relate to.  This includes people going through the same thing, thinking about undertaking weight loss and also trainers/weight loss specialists.  I’ll explain that in a future blog.

3.  Using “No More Comfort Zones” as a slogan is to remind myself to push past the insecurities, excuses and “comfort zones” to achieve all that I want to achieve.  Not just health wise but everything in life that I have neglected, denied myself or declined because of my weight.

So here goes, my blog.  And forgive me if I choose to remain anonymous for a while.  That will be a comfort zone I’ll step out of along the way!

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